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Taiko Feb Schedule

Hey everyone. This is the Nozomi Daiko community. Other than e-mails which I don't send out to frequently, I'll be updating this about events and performances notes, etc. I will still be sending out e-mails to our taiko members, but this will contain smaller updates as well as material covered in e-mails. That being said, here is some info.

Monday (Jan 31): Please coming having read the play and bring a printed out copy of the play as well. We plan on going through the entire play atleast once so we can see where everything needs to be done. If you read over the play yourself and see something you think should be added, etc., bring your suggestiong Monday. Josh, can you bring the cd for the dance. Also, we will discuss what needs to be brought for the Setubun Party. Someone needs to go to the Japanese conversation hour and advertise for us.

Tuesday (Feb 1): I believe we are having a small practice with Daniel to go over Taiko beat and anything he needs practice with. If you need extra practice for the play, come on this day. We want to be perfect.

Wednesday (Feb 2): Still going over the play.

Friday (Feb 4): Setsubun Celebration. Taiko members need to be at the B.B. Comer kitchen at 5pm! Please don't be late and if you are going to be, tell me so I can make up for anything that needs to be done. Laura, we will need the money canister for this.

Monday (Feb 7): rehearsal. You don't need to wear all black for this day, but remember that your costume for the 11th SHOULD BE all black! We will use whatever props we have on this day. Maybe we need to ask for the bigger room for this day?

Tusday (Feb 8): Same as the other Tuesday.

Wednesday (Feb 9): Last practice before Cullman. Dress Rehearsal. Flawless performance please! We should ask some students to come on this day and watch and comment on our performance!

Friday (Feb 11): Cullman performance. We leave at 10 am, so you guys need to straighten everything out with your teachers if you are going to be missing class. We will come back probably a bit late in the night. They are feeding us dinner, I am not so sure about lunch. Cameron, make sure you get rest since you are driving too!

For right now that is it for February. If you guys feel like doing something before the end of the month let me know and we can plan out. Pushing for the money!! Please REMEMBER your dues on Monday!! We need that money to pay for any expenses that may arise for the Setsubun or the trip!!

If there is anything else I will tell you.
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